- Orange Umbrella - Viva Brussels:The Sablon District

We say Brussels, you say …  diversity? For sure!
In this tour we will walk out of central Brussels and discover what other neighbourhoods are hiding.

We will walk through the Sablon area, which is one of the most beautiful and exciting areas of the city… Starting in Le Mont Des Arts (the hill of the arts), surrounded by many artistic buildings, we’ll continue our journey discovering:

  • Les Mont des Arts
  • Palace of Charles de Lorraine
  • Royal Square
  • Church of Our Lady of Sablon
  • Le Grand Sablon
  • Le Petit Sablon
  • The Egmont’s Palace
  • Les Marolles
  • Place du Jeu de Balle
  • La Place Poulart
  • The Palace of Justice

We will finish the tour with one of the most amazing panoramic views in Brussels. (20 minutes walk back to the city centre or 5 minutes by public transport).

But wait! We will also share the info that you really want to know while you visit brussels, like where to find:

The best fries

The cheapest waffles

The cheapest food

The cheapest souvenirs

The free museums

The best beer at the cheapes price possible!

And more...

 Our hosts are the best that will happen to your stay in Brussels! They are young travelers like yourself, with such an energetic enthusiasm for their city that you want to bring them with you in your lugagge!