1 tank Boat Dive (Captains Choice) Divers and Snorkelers

This day trip is a unique opportunity to do one dive or snorkeling with our dive boat. Ask the dates.

The site is called Seldom Reef or Captains Choice because it is not always possible to go there.

Marine life
Visibility averages 26 m (85 ft), wave action is calm and sometimes the current can be strong; the depth is from 12 m (40 ft) to 18 m (60 ft). Numerous species of fish and coral can be spotted here; flower corals, giant brain corals, anemones, turtles, porcupinefish, smooth trunkfish, yellowtail snapper, parrotfish, grouper, spotted drums, spotted morays, green morays, lobster and conch.

The time reserved for this trip is from 1pm until max 3pm. 

Ask for more details at the location or at info@diversrepublic.org.