2-hour Tel Aviv Highlights Private Tour

This 2-hour private tour is the perfect introduction to Tel Aviv and a great way to orientate yourself in the city. Your local private tour guide will take you to must-see spots such as the Mosque of the Sea and the Arab-Hebrew Theatre, as well as walking you through crucial historical events in the city's history.

Join us on a tour of Tel Aviv’s greatest treasures

A city unlike any other, this Mediterranean metropolis heaves with youthfulness, energy and innovation. Tel Aviv (Hebrew: תֵּל־אָבִיב–יָפוֹ) is a place where sand, sea, sun and skyscrapers co-exist, and where history and hedonism are served in equal measure.

Join your expert private tour guide as you explore historical delights such as the Mosque of the Sea, the Arab-Hebrew Theatre, and the Clock Tower.

Pacing from one famous attraction to the next, you’ll hear about the British Mandate that led to the nation’s Declaration of Independence in 1948, and the infamous Intifada uprisings.

Is your preferred starting time or date not available online? By reaching out to us in advance, it is also possible to tailor your itinerary to include a starting time, date or place that is not available online, or to focus on specific topics or areas that are of interest to you. If this is relevant to you, please feel welcome to get in contact here.

Additional Information

Start point
Starts by the Clock Tower in Old Jaffa


  • The Clock Tower
  • The New Seray
  • Adolf Eichmann’s prison
  • The Jaffa Riots
  • The British Mandate
  • The Mosque of the Sea
  • The Port of Jaffa
  • The House of Simon the Tanner
  • Jaffa Lighthouse
  • Jonal and the Whale
  • Napoleon in Jaffa
  • The Arab-Hebrew Theatre
  • Ajami district & the Intifada
  • The Zodiac Alleyways
  • The Lions Temple
  • The Wishing bridge
  • St Peter’s Church
  • Old Seraya
  • Andromeda’s Rock