2 days Trip to Baños de Agua Santa!

Enjoy this trip to the gorgeus city of Baños in order to explore their worldwide famous spots such as the Swing at the end of the world or the impressives waterfalls whose surround this traditional town,.
Baños is a small town in the Andres and close by the Amazon, with excellent activities to do, gastronomy and environment, it pays to visit this wonderful destination


A QuitoB Baños de Agua Santa

Pick up: 07:30 - 08:00 AM
-Departure from Quito through the "Volcano Avenue" (Panamarican South) 
-Visit in this highway a plantation of flowers of the zone,
-Arrive to the city of Baños.
-Visit the impressive and unforggetable lookout called "La Casa del Arbol" 
-Ride up the unbelievable "Swing of the End of the World"(Columpio del Fin Del Mundo) while seeing a beautiful and gorgeus sight of the Tungurahua volcano.
-Panoramic trip of the city in their streets 
-Sighseeing the making of the iconic and interesting "Melcocha" a handcraft made candy( the process by itself is a show)

-Free time to take the lunch in the city,
-At the afternoon we´ll enjoy the Waterfall Trip the perfect place for the nature lovers.
-At the end of this activities we´ll move to the accomodation.


Day 2: 
-Day start with a tasteful breakfast,
 -Chose (OPTIONAL) between 3 morning activities :Rafting / Canopy / Bike tour,buggies or jeep 4x4. Free time to take the lunch (include some benefits n the restaurants with direct pay from the passengers). At the afternoon we´ll made the departure towards Quito or Riobamba to the expansion to the "Volcano Avenue" or "Amazonic Jungle"