The GOSTA Island-Hopping Tour takes you on a journey to explore the most illustrious islands of the Stavanger region. 
What makes this tour unforgettable is exploring the most stunning views of the city in a 75-year-old Norwegian sailboat “Herborg” with a local and authentic crew.  
To put in a nutshell, the island hopping tours will introduce you to everything that makes Stavanger more than just the Norway’s “Oil City”. It definitely is a must-do while you spend your vacations here!


We will meet and depart from the oil museum. 
It is a short 15 mins sail from under the iconic city bridge before we reach our first stop, Steinsøy. 
After spending time at Steinsøy, we will move to our next stop, Langøy. 
We will cover another tiny island before we end our day with a 20 mins sail from the last island to the city of Stavanger. 
The tour usually take 3-4 hours. 
Minimum 6 passenger up to a maximum of 12.