$99 Sunday Lower Gauley (Fall)

Sunday Lower Gauley Special!

A special trip down the Lower Gauley, which only runs a few weeks each year. Our highly experienced guides will navigate you through Class III/IV rapids that most people never see. Beautiful history-laden terrain. Includes catered lunch break on the river.

You will start the day by checking in at our BaseCamp, and meeting the Trip Leader and your Guide. We will answer any questions or concerns you have, and outfit everyone in your party with a paddle, PFD (flotation/lifejacket), and helmet. On the bus ride to the river, we will go over safety instructions, get you ready for what to expect, and usually keep you laughing.

At the river, you will get into the raft for your group, with your Guide, and after a few practice strokes and getting comfortable in the raft, you will get the rush of your first rapid! This trip is filled with history, from the Native Americans, Civil War battles, and the creation of Summersville Dam (including the flooding of the Village of Gad).

About halfway through the day we will stop along the banks for a delicious buffet lunch, with build your own sandwiches, fresh fruit, snacks and dessert. (If you have special dietary needs, please let us know at the time you make your reservation so we can accommodate them.)

Refueled, you will complete the second half of your river adventure, ending in the quiet rolling countryside, before boarding the bus that takes you back to BaseCamp.