// Turkish Bath from Side

It is called "Hamam" in Turkish. This is a unique and relaxing experience. You will be able to treat your skin in a sauna, a stone bath, a steam filled room, and with luxurious foam. Finally, the experts will message you as well. They will give you a wonderful feeling of bliss and comfort. At the end of your bath, you'll feel relaxed, younger and dynamic again. This Hamam is one of the truly unmissable experiences of a trip to Turkey.


The Turkish Bath is a unique and relaxing experience. It also offers all of the following benefits: 1. Scrubbing and bubble wash to take off the dead skin from your body thus helping your skin breath by cleaning your pores and regulating the blood circulation 2. Efficient simulation of the heart and cardiovascular system 3. Can prevent coughs and sneezes 4. Helps with rheumatism and cellulite. It is recommended to have a Turkish bath at the beginning of your holiday, before having sun-bath in order to get a better quality and longer tan! You are free to use the facilities as you wish. You will get a message from our experts as well.


Not included:


Face mask

Stone massage

Fish spa


What to take with:

Swimming clothes