// Pamukkale & Hierapolis from Side

Visit miracle of the world – Pamukkale meaning "Cotton Castle" - white terraces, down of which the thermal water is flooding. Bathe in a thermal antique Cleopatra’s pool and visit ancient Roman city – Hierapolis with theatre, temples and huge Necropolis.


Pamukkale is a unique geological formation, existing over 14.000 years. On the other hand, Hierapolis, meaning sacred-city, brings us back to our history around the 6th century. 


After picking you up from the hotel at early morning hours, we will head to the city of Denizli along the Taurus mountain chain. After arriving at our final destination you will begin sightseeing of remainders of the ancient city of Hierapolis. It was a health resort during Roman times, from which Roman baths, basilica, gymnasium, “column” street and theatre on the hill are preserved and beautifully renovated. The theater, Temple of Apollo, Colonnaded Street, Byzantine Gate, Plutonium and Necropolis (Cemetery) are some of the highlights of the city. In a free time given by the guide, it is worth visiting also the ancient Necropolis, where you will find over 1000 ancient sarcophaguses.


However, Pamukkale is mainly a white travertines listed by the UNESCO. You will be able to penetrate them wading in thermal water of 35 degrees flooding down the travertines. It will surely be a great massage and relief for tired feet. If you want to try the exact treatment of Pamukkale waters – use a bubble (champagne) bath in Cleopatra's pool (with additional fee). Health-bringing water cures among others: obesity, rheumatism, asthma and skin diseases, and most important bring back the fresh, young look! They say that Pamukkale was the secret of the beauty of the great seductress – Cleopatra.


After sightseeing and baths, the way back will again lead you through the Taurus mountains to your hotel.


Not included:

Entrance fees to Pamukkale, Cleopatra's Pool, Necropolis and Hierapolis




What to take with:

Breakfast (Ask the hotel reception for free breakfast package in advance)

Comfortable shoes

Swimming clothes


Entrance fees to Pamukkale, ancient Necropolis, and Hierapolis