// Ormana & Village Tour from Side

During this tour, you will have the opportunity to visit several villages and lean on the culture. You will be able to connect with the nature and history of the local people.


For the tour, you will be picked up directly from your hotel. Then we drive to the Taurus Mountains on approximately 900 meters. Our first stop is in the village Avasun, also called the village of laurel leaves. Afterwards, we drive up to 1200 meters. From there we have a very nice view of the Green Canyon, Green Lake, Manavgat, and Side etc. Then we come to the second village called Ürünlü.  This village is famous for its button houses. We stop in the center of the village, where the traditional tea house of the village is. Afterwards, we drive to the national park of Ürünlü. There is the golden cradle cavern and inside is the largest subterranean lake of Turkey. There we make a small boat trip for approximately 25 minutes. Next, we drive to the richest village in the area, called Ormana. There we have lunch in a very nice restaurant. You can choose either Chicken fillet or Trout rolled in vine leaves and baked in an Ottoman clay pot or Turkish pizza. Then we drive to the last village called the abandoned village Sarı hacılar köyü, where we visit a 650 years old Ottoman mosque. Then we make a small tour of the abandoned village and we see the Silk Road. And then we drive back to your hotel.


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Comfortable clothes