// Demre-Myra-Kekova from Side

This tour will bring you back to the Turkish history while visiting an ancient city in Myra, the church of St. Nicholas in Demre and sunken city in Kekova.


You will start the journey along the Mediterranean Sea shores. You will stop for a short break in the mountains, where you will be able to admire the panorama of Kumluca city that is famous for its tomato productions. While passing by the Kumluca, you will see a giant structure of the Tomato. Then there is a Finike – famous ancient seaport.


After arriving at Myra you will see great remains of the ancient world of the Lycian. You will be surprised by the size and beauty of the necropolis – a group of tombs sculpted in the stones. Nearby the necropolis there is a beautiful ancient theatre. The bishop of Myra in IV century was St. Nicholas, that was fighting with heathendom and was introducing Christianity in Turkey. You will visit his church in Demre full of colorful frescos, where the sarcophagus of St. Nicholas is located, and on the territory surround the church there are 3 different monuments of the saint.


After a lunch in a local restaurant, we will ride (about 30 min) to the Ucagiz port, from which we will head for a one hours cruise to the sunken Kekova island. The island as a result of an earthquake was divided into few smaller islands. We will go down the smaller and larger islands on which you will see ruins of the ancient building, fortress, theater and even sarcophaguses on water. The coat will have a glass window in the bottom through which you will be able to see the outline of the port and numerous or strewn around amphora.  If the weather will be willing you will be able to even swim in the sea in the beautiful gulf. After arriving back to the port you will head to the hotel with ground transportation.


Not included:


Entrance fee to church and Myra


What to take with:

Swimming clothes