// Dolphin Show & River Fishing

Enjoy the amazing show of sea lions and dolphins, after which you can relax at the river and fish. This will be very relaxing at the end of your busy day.


Dolphin show:

The show begins with a comedy show courtesy of a troupe of performing fur seals. Next, the sea lions do their performance alongside their certified trainers. Finally, it's time for the dolphin show. See these highly intelligent animals leap, frolic, and play. Watch as they perform tricks with balls, hoops, and lines, and so high above the surface of the water – all for fish rewards. After the show, you'll also have the opportunity to take a picture with a dolphin or sea lions (extra charge). You'll also have time to look around the dolphinarium before driving back to your hotel. 


For a fishing trip, you may take all your family. Great fun for your children because catching the fish is guaranteed. You will have an amazing opportunity to catch fish. Our friendly guide will explain you the species of the caught fish. These caught fishes can be prepared on the spot for the pick-nick, but you can also enjoy the available dishes (Turkish specialties). There will be also swimming possibilities and for children, there is a playground. During your pick-nick, you can enjoy the beautiful views and interesting landscapes.


Not included:



What to take with:



Swimming clothes