Biodynamic and Permaculture Homesteading Workshop ……Connecting to the spirituality of the Earth

Sunday, January 12th through January 19th,  2014  Led by Walter Moora

An eight-day course in Biodynamic and Permaculture Farming, healthy food and joyous living.

You will experience:

  • Learning about and experiencing Biodynamic and permaculture farm practices.
  • A taste of starting a garden: working the soil, planting, harvesting and compost making.
  • Using and understanding the Biodynamic preparations.
  • Exercises to deepen your relationship to the nature spirits and to the sacredness of the earth.
  • Living simply in nature, experiencing the stars at night, eating under a roof with no walls and having time to enjoy the great outdoors.
  • Nutritional organic healing, cooking…and detoxification if desired
  • Building community with well-proven love-based and conflict-resolution practices

Our Hope:
During the eight days of the workshop we hope that your love for yourself, humanity and the earth will be deepened and that your walk through life will be filled with hope.

With only 15 openings, each student will benefit from much attention.   The cost of the program is $700 for foreigners and $400 for Ecuadorian nationals, payable in advance. For interns who are committed for six months or more, there will be no tuition cost

Testimonials from past students:


Workshop Schedule

Sunday 12th January 2014
Meet us at 2 pm at the Juice Factory on the Square in Vilcabamba and we’ll arrive at the farm at 3:30, when you can settle in.  Explore on your own, introducing yourself to the land, until dinner at 6, when Leisha will introduce us to the delicious and nutricious food we’ll be eating, biodynamic food from our farm.

At 7, we gather in circle to tell our stories of trusting our intuition to take risks around our values to find our destiny paths of joy. 

In 15 minutes spots, we will share what we love to do and do well.  Susan will share how you can deepen your destiny path during the workshop and then she will introduce our team. Leisha will talks for 15 minutes about her role teaching you how to choose and eat nutritious food.  David about his role helping each of you adjust in whatever way works best for you. Walter talks about connecting to the Earth and asks what deeper connection you desire.

Walter will then draw your attention to the existing program below, inviting any and all comments and suggestions.   Members let you intuition speak through you about the program adjustments for the eight days that would most inspire you.


For the early risers we will start each day with an Agnihotra ceremony at about 6.15 Then at we will have breakfast

9.00  Cristian introduces himself and invites all the participants tell a bit about yourselves. We five then lead an exploration of the property.

11:30 Earth meditation with Walter

12  Lunch

2.00 - 3.15  Lecture by Walter:               Cultivating the Earth is a Sacred Experience

3.30 - 4.45  Deepening our Life Path.       Coaching by Susan

Susan will teach members how to use the Law of Intention and the Law of Attraction to manifest your dreams.   Each member is invited to create an affirmation they share with each other and the universe.   Science suggests that the more people put up exactly the same affirmation, the likelihood that it manifests increases exponentially, so members can choose to support each other.  These affirmations can be shared each morning at the end of the community meeting.

Susan will also talk one on one with each member to help you set your life goals.

5-6        Free time or chores such as milking

6-7        Dinner

7           Bonfire/talk


9 am       Community meeting, including appreciations, concerns and suggested solutions, planning and hopes and dreams.   This meeting format developed by Virginia Satir has been proven over 30 years to create healthy community relations and has been used at Finca Sagrada from our start.

10 -11.30    Practical work in gardens plus explanations

11.30 -12    Meditation exercises

12-2            Lunch and rest

2- 3.15        Lecture               Walter talks about the Biodynamic Preparations

3.30-4.45     Lecture                Leisha teaches the full circle of healthy food from seeds to plants to healthy meal plans.

5                  Free time or chores such as milking

6.-7              Dinner

7                  Movie  -  Money & Life,  a one-of-a-kind movie about all aspects of money, including the dysfunctional financial system, with a discussion led by Susan, a finance professional who has spent her life helping to green the global economy.   Four years in the making by a filmmaker who felt her life’s purpose was to explain the financial system in ways people could understand, this 90-minute movie was downloaded 80,000 times in its first two months.


9 am -10    Community gathering

10-11.30    Practical work in Leisha’s Magical Forest

11.30-12    Meditation exercises.

12-2           Lunch and free time

2-5.30       David and Leisha’s workshop on the New View of love

6.00 -7      Dinner

After dinner Cristian discusses his life and the customs of his people, contrasting the life of Northerners doing transactions to the lives of people of the South doing relationships!  Cristian teaches intercultural collaboration, weaving the community-based culture of the South into the individual-based culture of the North, accentuating the strengths of both


9 -10          Community meeting

10-11.30     Practical work

11:30-12    Meditation exercises.

12.00-2      Lunch and free time

2.00-3.15    Susan talks and answers questions

3.30            Stir cow horn prep and Walter leads discussion

6.00-7.00 Dinner

Movie/discussion  Peter Proctor Movie.  Changing the World, one cow at a time

6.30-8         Stir and spray silica prep

8.30-9.30    Breakfast

9.30 10.15  Community meeting

10:15 – 12  Practical  work in the Magical Forest

12-2           Lunch

2-3.15        Lecture        Walter teaches about Nature Spirits and the Biodynamic planting calendar

3.30- 4.45    Lecture        Walter talks about theBiodynamic preparations and the planets

4.45 - 6      Free time/chores

6 -7            Dinner.

Learning vision questing and deepening your life path, with Susan and Leisha


9 -10         Community meeting

10 -11.30  Practical work

11.30        Meditation exercise

12.00 - 2   Lunch

2.00 - 5     Open discussion with the theme about our connection to the Earth and how we can take responsibility for Earth’s health, doing what we love to do and do well.  Farm members share Anastasia’s idea of families creating KINS domains.

6.00          Dinner and bonfire with music, songs and dancing


Breakfast and appreciations.

10.00 final ceremony with affirmations

12.00 Leave for Vilcabamba.

For more information please email Walter at


For those who stay for the Vision Quest.  Free afternoon and help with

Monday.  Start three day hike and vision quest