Starting KINS Innovation Networks to Manifest Your Life's Mission

From April 13 to April 20th, 2014, Susan Davis Moora will be teaching an 8-day workshop for founding organizers and funders of KINS Innovation Networks to manifest their life missions.   KINS networks have been demonstrated successfully with 20 networks over 35 years in numerous niches of the new paradigm, due to the higher consciousness field of KINS.   The networks have been successful in social investing, women’s economic empowerment, solar, organics, micro-enterprise, corporate social responsibility, intentional communities and other fields.

Incorporated into this 8-day workshop will be Earth meditations on beautiful Finca Sagrada, helping deepen your relationship with nature, led by Walter Moora,   Leisha Naja will oversee the preparation of highly nutritious meals and will tap into her Naturopath wisdom to teach members how to improve their diets.  Cristian Ojeda, our Ecuadorian partner, will share his knowledge of local customs and plants and special places.  David Hartley will provide a wide array of stewardship services; also optional homeopathic consultations or Shamanic approach to CranioSacral energywork  to attendees.

This particular workshop is by invitation-only .. to the KINS for philanthropists manifesting their missions.   Those interested in arranging a similar session for your group’s mission may contact Susan Davis Moora at


To be announced