Sacred Earth & Sky Homesteading Workshop

Sacred Earth & Sky Homesteading workshop is a holistic approach to working with and healing the land using the alchemic approaches of our wise ancestors coupled with modern science and knowledge. This workshop aims to empower each participant with the knowledge, friendship and empowerment be one with the soils and soul of the land and their own inner voice of wisdom and growth.

This will be a hands-on intensive look into the methods and materials used to grow yourself, your own food and learn the sacred arts of healing.  Subjects covered will include:

Seed to Plate Creations and Alchemy

a.    Raw Food, the Art and Science without modern equipment
b.   Preserving and dehydration - with solar, fire, salt and vinegar.  Each participant will creating their own herbal dressing
c.    Understanding Ayurvedic elements - What is Your Dosha & Art and Science of Ayurvedic Gardening

Sacred medicine garden creation

a.       Connecting with you Plant Totem Spirit
b.      Alchemizing a personal medicine from  the land

The art of biodynamic, intuitive and companion plant gardening

a.      natural insect control
b.      the art of soil fertility and composting
c.       biodynamic wisdom and planting by the moon and planets

New View of Love - Powerful inner and community transformational tools

July 13-20, 2013

Finca Sagrada (Sacred Land Farm) and The Magical Forest, Southern Ecuador

Large army style tents and simple adobe cabins - shared accomodations. Outdoor shower and compost toilet.  Simple, healthy meals will be served three times daily including smoothies for breakfast (bike blended).   For those with special diets, we request you contact us for arrangements. There will be a chore wheel for this meal course.



For the early risers we will start each day with an Agnihotra ceremony at about 6.15 Then at breakfast will be served daily


9.00  Cristian introduces himself and invites all the participants tell a bit about yourselves (toilet paper game).

Together, we explore the property ending with a Earth Meditation by Walter

11-12 Deepening Your Life Path - Leisha and Susan

Leisha will talk about Soul Questing...listening to and following your Soul Path, being unreasonable reasons always prevent our dreams) and the art of “listening as if everything was talking to you”.  Susan will teach members how to use the Law of Intention and the Law of Attraction to manifest your dreams.   Each member is invited to create an affirmation they share with each other and the universe.   Science suggests that the more people put up exactly the same affirmation, the likelihood that it manifests increases exponentially, so members can choose to support each other.  These affirmations can be shared each morning at the end of the community meeting.

Susan will also talk one on one with each member to help you set your life goals.

12  Lunch

1.30 - 4.45 Introduction to Ayurveda.  Leisha will give an overview of the Ayurvedic Principles and present each participant with their Personalized Dosha overview and Ayurvedic Manual.    (Each participant will complete a Ayurvedic Questionnaire prior to arriving.)       

5-6        Free time… reading your personalize manual

6-7        Dinner - Ayurvedic Dinner - exploring the tastes - enjoying the elements

7           Bonfire/talk/music


6:15        Community Agnihotra - explanation of Agnihotra (Homa Farming)

7:45        Check in and morning reading

8.00        Breakfast

9 am       Community meeting, including appreciations, concerns and suggested solutions, planning and hopes and dreams.   This meeting format developed by Virginia Satir has been proven over 30 years to create healthy community relations and has been used at Finca Sagrada from our start.  Facilitated by Susan

10 -12        The art of Intuitive & Companion Gardening.    Leisha & Walter
Walter will share about the art of soil fertility and composting and Leisha will share the natural insect control recipes.   Participants will plant a seed bed Anastasia of the Ringing Cedar Series Style.

12-2            Lunch and rest

2- 3.15        Lecture               Walter talks about the Biodynamic Preparations & Biodynamic wisdom and planting by the moon and planets

3.30-4.45     Lecture                Leisha - How to discover your Plant Totem. 

5                  Free time for plant walk

6.-7              Dinner - Open Discussion about Agnihotra

7                  Movie  -  ????


Agnihotra - Optional
The Agnihotra fire will burn all day today...each participant will be asked to feed the ghee and dung throughout the day (schedule) and spend personal time in meditation.  Schedule will be posted in the morning

8    Breakfast

9 am -10    Community gathering - check in and reading

10-11.30    Practical work in Leisha’s Magical Forest - continuing to discover the plants and the plant Spirits.   Leisha will do plant readings

11.30-12    Walter and Susan - Meditation exercises. 

12 to 1.30    Lunch

1:30 to 2   Circle Sound Meditation Leisha - and all!

2-5.30       David and Leisha’s workshop on the New View of love

6.00 -7      Dinner

After dinner Cristian discusses his life and the customs of his people, contrasting the life of Northerners doing transactions to the lives of people of the South doing reltionships!  Cristian teaches intercultural collaboration, weaving the community-based culture of the South into the individual-based culture of the North, accentuating the strengths of both


Agnihotra (optional)

8               Breakfast - The Art & Science of Smoothies and Super Foods - hands on breakfast

9-10          Community meeting - Check in and reading

10-12         The Art & Science of Raw Food presented by Leisha.  This is a hands-on experiential day learning how to create food from the garden (seed to plate) without modern equipment- dehydrating, preserving, sprouting, sensual creation of foods.   Manual is included
12.00-2      Lunch and free time - Raw Food Meal that we created

2.00-5.00   Continue Raw Food Workshop creating our evening meal and lecture on the importance of growing our own food.

6.00-7.00 Dinner

Movie/discussion  Raw Food ???

6.30-8         Agnihotra and Stir and spray silica prep

8.30-9.30    Breakfast

9.30 10.15  Community meeting  Check in and Reading

10:15 – 12  Sacred Medicine Gardening   - blending Ayurvedic knowledge with intuitive gardening.   Continuing discussion on discovering your Plant Totem(s) by considering plant signatures.

12-2           Lunch and free time

2-3.15        Lecture        Walter teaches about Nature Spirits

3.30- 4.45    Lecture      Leisha talks about Nature Spirits

4.45 - 6      Free time/chores

6 -7            Dinner.

Continuing discussion on vision questing and deepening your life path, with Susan and Leisha


9 -10         Community meeting

10 -11.30  Creating a personalized medicine from the gardens - tincture preservation and homeopathy David and Leisha

11.30        Meditation exercise

12.00 - 2   Lunch

2.00 - 5     Open discussion with the theme about our connection to the Earth and how we can take responsibility for Earth’s health, doing what we love to do and do well. 

6.00          Dinner and bonfire with music, songs and dancing


Breakfast and appreciations.

10.00 final ceremony with affirmations

12.00 Leave for Vilcabamba.

For more information please email Leisha at

For those who stay for the Vision Quest.  Free afternoon and help with

Monday.  Start three day hike and vision quest