// Dolphin Show From Lara

Dolphins are one of the most acrobatic marine mammals. They can jump, swim speedily and more. These clever marine mammals are too clever and learning painting singing playing ball and many other things after a short training.visiting dolphin park and watching the dolphin show is a top activity for you, your kids and your family. You’ll share and remember your dolphin moments and your biggest and best smiles ever with our fantastic keepsake photos.


 Every day dolphins sea lions and white whale is performing 2 times dolphin show program in dolphin park.Each show takes from 45 minutes to 1 hour. During dolphin show, you'll see incredible skills of those sea creatures and you'll be amazed. First show time is starting at 11:00 AM and second show time start at 2 PM afternoon. You will be able to meet, touch and interact with bottlenose dolphins, fur seals, and South American sea lions. Don't miss an opportunity to cheer up and get a positive impact on your health and mental state.Join us and enjoy the interacting with the most lovable creatures of the sea on this excursion to Dolphins Park.



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