"Fin del Mundo" Waterfalls

Contrary to what its name states, the End of the World waterfalls in Colombia is not an apocalyptic scene. It is perhaps the only end of the world where life begins: free-flying birds, numerous shades of green from plants, the sounds of the Amazonian forest all linked to nature and pure water that flows in abundance, vigorously expelled by the mountain to fall 75 meters downwards. Hiding in the Amazon, the End of the World Waterfall is surrounded by a virgin landscape where visitors connect with nature. Canyons and fauna are the treasures of this territory. This adventure includes hiking through the forest until reaching the astonishing waterfalls, a magical site with Amazonian bewitchment. At the end of our tour we will reach the tallest of the waterfalls, with 75 m of free falling water where you will be able to practice canyoning.


8 am Meeting time at Posada Turística Dantayaco, 90-minute walk, lunch at waterfall site the return around 3 or 4 pm to the meeting point