4 days of Trail Running

Trail running is an amazing way to experience your surroundings. When trail running, you move quickly trough the mountains, increasing the area you can explore in a short amount of time. We hold an even tempo through the entire tour, while also taking time to enjoy the surroundings. The tour will take you through high mountains and down lush valleys to the fjord. It is the ultimate adventure for those with previous trail running experience.


A OppdalB BårdsgårdC InnerdalenD SunndalenE VangshaugenF Lønset


  • Day 1 Bårdsgården tio Innerdalen, accomodation at Rendølsæter
    • aprox. 21 km
  • Dag y Innerdalen to Eiriksvollen, accomodation at Eiriksvollen
    • aprox. 23 km
  • Day 3 Eiriksvollen to Vangshaugen, accomodation at Vangshaugen
    • aprox. 22 km
  • Day 4 Gammelsætre to Dindalen
    • aprox. 26 km