Prague Communism and Nuclear Bunker Tour


TOUR RUNS DAILY AT: 10.30 am and 2.30  pm (Exc. Dec. 24 and 25)

This country has a dark period in its history. The communism was full of paranoia, spying and violence. On this tour You can discover the background and stories from the communist time and experience how life was in Czechoslovakia during the communism and in the cold war period. With all the fear and all the consequences, of course.


  • history of communism, spies and lies, communist terror, political prisoners,refugees, disidents, cold war stories
  • the biggest statue of Stalin ever built in the world, the former communist secret police, the STB headquarters
  • Prague Spring, russian invasion of 1968
  • protests, death of student Jan Palach
  • end of communism, story of the Velvet Revolution, chaos, hope, new future
  • visit of a real nuclear bunker from 1950’s,16meters-4 floors deep under the city, the biggest one in Prague for up to 5000 people
  • the nuclear bunker museum with cold war expositions with a gasmask workshop and a copy of the Nuclear war survival Guide



- walk around the city

- visit of the bunker