Historical evolution of Lisbon old Town, the influence of ancient civilizations, the omnipresence of the Romans, Jews and Moors and how Lisbon evolved around the neighbourhood of Alfama.


Joining “The Lisbon Old Town” tour is a great choice for someone that wants to understand the history of Lisbon, the influence of ancient civilizations, the omnipresence of the Romans, Jews and Moors and the early development of Lisbon around the neighbourhood of Alfama – first spreading to the west, but also “conquering the river” and building the Royal Palace in the square known as Terreiro do Paço.

The tour begins at Terreiro do Paco, the square that has been the stage for numerous events through history – the centre of commerce and business, but also the place of massacre of 5000 Jews. It has kept its appeal even today as a place of faith, a place of celebration of political, sport victories and concerts, and a place where Lisbon greats and honours its most prominent guests. From here, the journey continues to discover the changes this historic city endures during the catastrophic earthquake of 1755 and its influence on architecture, faith and life in general.

You will learn of the First Marquis of Pombal – how he “buried the death and fed the living”, how he rebuilt the new town from the ruins of old Lisbon, how he awakened the spirits of a defeated population and by doing that greatly contributed to the science of seismology.

This first part of “The Old Town” tour will introduce you to the heart of the city of Lisbon, its challenges, fears, constant disputes and the influence of different cultures.

After taking a short break to relax and to immerse yourself in the spirit of old Lisbon, we will continue with our visit to the Lisbon Cathedral, the oldest church in the city. LISBONHOST offers a unique visit to one of the oldest archaeological sites in the city. Here you will not only discover the history of the cathedral, but also hear about the traces of older cultures and uses of the site.

Next on the tour – we will take you to the most beautiful terraces in Lisbon, where you can enjoy the breathtaking vistas of one of the Europe’s most magnificent cities. This will be a perfect time to capture the trip’s most unforgettable moments with your camera.

The last part of the tour is designed around the old quarter of Alfama. Being one of the oldest districts of Lisbon and occupied by the fishermen and the poor in the past, today Alfama is the centre of Lisbon’s unique Fado traditions. The origin of the name comes from the Arabic Al-hamma, meaning baths. Besides visiting important historical attractions and enjoying the picturesque labyrinth of streets and small squares, you will be introduced to the origins and the mysticism of the Portuguese Fado, through our popular selection of Alfama’s Fado bars and restaurants.staurants.