'Gibbon Experience Cambodia' 2 days Trek

Short description:
In the North East of Cambodia Ratanakiri province close to the Laos/Vietnam border in Veun Sai district the Siem Pang conservation/research station is located. At the end of the first decade of 2000 International researchers discovered a new species of Gibbons classified as the Northern Yellow cheeked gibbons (Nomascus annamensis). Due to the observation process of the researchers that particular gibbon family got habituated to people. To achieve the habituation of that gibbon family was a painstaking process with a lot of determination and perseverance. This developed into a unique opportunity to visit these majestic apes up close.  DutchCo's 'Gibbon Experience Cambodia' works strictly with the official authorities of the Siem Pang conservation area to ensure that the impact of people is reduce to a minimum and the entrance fees are used to continue the excellent work of the stations rangers to protect the gibbons and their forest. It has to be noted that animals in wildlife don't show up on appointment, but there is an astonishing 70% chance to spot them. This Gibbon Experience Cambodia trek is only available between November 1st and June 15th.