10 Days Eco-yoga Retreat

With all the distractions that we have in our daily life, the best thing to do is giving a pause. So, you can take a look at yourself, and face your true being which always is there. And deep inside of yourself but we don’t let it manifest. Maybe it is the time to go back to yourself to Realize, who you are. Surely we make this all together and dive into nature where we came from.


Day 1: Landing to PERSIA

Welcome to Iran at IKA airport and Our guide will meet you at the airport. He/She transfer you to the hotel for the rest. In the afternoon we have Tehran Sightseeing Tour.


Day 2: Explore Kazaj Historical Village

-Transfer to Mehrabad airport for an hour domestic flight to Ardabil, then we move in our place we stay for 4 days.

-Local food as a lunch.

-Explore the Kazaj historical village and country sights.

- Stroll through the gardens to the river

-Evening Yoga


Day 3: A Day with Mountain Village Dwellers

-Early morning yoga,


-Today we have our cooking class with local chef and taste the dishes you will be making. Our chefs show you how to make Iranian food while you enjoy the cool breeze and peaceful setting.

-Evening Yoga



Day 4: Yoga Retreat around the Lake

-Early morning yoga,


-Drive to Ne'or lake where has an amazingly spectacular nature

-Visit Pir Taghi Suspension Bridge

-Do daily meditation and yoga around the lake

-Back to Kazaj for dinner


Day 5: Sightseeing in Ardabil

Be ready for a full day plan.

-Sunrise yoga


-Head out to Ardabil for visiting a World Heritage Site, Sheikh Safi al-din Khānegāh and Shrine Ensemble, Old Bazaar

-Move to Eco-camp


Day 6: Hydrotherapy and Relaxation

-Early morning yoga


-Explore around the camp

-Mineral spa for Hydrotherapy and Relaxation

-Evening Yoga

-Set in the darkest skies in the slopes of the Sabalan Mountains for stargazing


Day 7: Relaxing in Nature

-Exploring Sunrise


-Mountain Pose

-Local dairy products tasting and try the different taste of honey

Option: (You can join a half day trip to hike to the beautiful and stunning peak of Sabalan mountains)


Day 8: Be Free

Off day


Day 9: Ardabil to Tehran

-Early morning yoga


-Transfer to Ardabil airport for departure flight to Tehran

-Tehran sightseeing tour


Day 10: Missing Persia


-Packing and transfer from Hotel to the IKA airport