1/2 Day Medellin Culture Tour

Museum of Antioquia - The Museum of Antioquia is the most important museum in Medellin, and one of the best known in Colombia. It was the first founded in the Department of Antioquia, the second in the country. Its collections rest in the heart of Medellín, in front of Plaza Botero, near the Berrio station metro station. Entrance fee: $4.00 US COP $ 10,000 per person

Museum of Modern Art - The Museum of Modern Art of Medellín is a museum located in the Colombian city of Medellín, capital of the Department of Antioquia dedicated to research, conservation and dissemination in the fields of modern art and contemporary, as well as the cultural development of the city. Entrance fee: $3.00 US COP $ 8,000 per person

El Castillo Museum - Built in 1930 and inspired by the Loire castles in France and recognized as a wonderful monument not only historical but also architectural of the city of Medellin. It is accompanied by large cypress gardens brought from Villa Adriana in Italy and is a collective heritage of the inhabitants of Medellín and an important cultural reference. Entrance fee: $4.00 US COP $ 10,000 per person

Botanical Gardens - The Botanical Garden of Medellín, Joaquín Antonio Uribe, is a botanical garden of about 13.2 hectares, located in the Colombian city of Medellín. It has an enclosure for the events called the Orquideorama, an architectural place for the exhibition of flowers. The garden has the condition of being a center of culture and environmental and botanical education, of enormous floristic richness, and houses more than 1,000 living species and 4,500 individuals

Cerro Nutibara - El Pueblito Paisa is the representation of a typical Antioquia town from the beginning of the 20th century. It was built on the top of Cerro Nutibara. The buildings that make up the Pueblito Paisa are the chapel, the school, the town hall, the coral house, the tobacconist, the barber shop, the pharmacy, a two-story house and a craft house. Includes total freedom to choose your cultural activities, VIP private transportation, driver, and multi-language guide.


  • Transportation
  • Translator Tour Guide
  • Insurances

Total Tour Duration: 4 Hours

Total Activity Duration: 4 Hours

Effort Level: Low

Minimum Age: 10 Years

Minimum Height: 1.00 Meters

Safety Measures: Accident Insurances

Indispensable: Closed Shoes, Comfortable & Light Clothing, Rain Jacket

Do Not Take: N/A


A Parque PobladoB Poblado Metro TrenC Pueblito Paisa

Departure Time 9:00 am From Medellin

City Touring

Lunch Is Not Included

Return At 1:00 pm