11:00 Yaxha Sunset from Tikal

Yaxha is a different archaeological site because it is located between two lakes, Lake Yaxha and Lake Sacnab, this site started in the Pre-Classic period (3000 BC to 300 AD), during its peak in the Classic period (300 AD to 900 AD) worked as an important lake port. In 900 A.D. when the Mayan collapse happened, for still unexplained reasons, this city was abandoned and the jungle was responsible for burying it with soil, the product of the dried leaves of vegetation over time.


A thousand years later after it was abandoned, a German explorer named Teobert Maler exploring the area, managed to find the lost city of Yaxha in 1904, Yaxha with their neighbors Nakum and Naranjo and after a long process, were declared as Yaxha-Nakum-Naranjo National park in 2006, just after being stage for the reality show called "Survivor" filmed in Guatemala in 2006.


As this is a very young national park, it is little known but super charming, as few archaeological sites, at Yaxha the visitor feels completely in the middle of a Mayan city, because when this was not yet a national park, it was allowed to cut much weeds covering the palaces, temples, ball courts, pyramids, causeways and squares, so the viewer can see more than 900 feet around. Many visitors after visiting several Mayan sites, they conclude that their favorite place is Yaxha.



The activity starts when we pick you up at your hotel in Tikal at 11:00 a.m.



The activity ends when we drop you at your hotel in Tikal at 08:30 p.m.



Best walking shoes

Rain coat
Water bottle
Best clothing for warm weather



Professional Tour Guide in Yaxha who speaks excellent English and knows a lot about local history, flora and fauna

Round trip transfers from your hotel 



Entry fees
Personal expenses


Entrance tickets to the park for other nationalities cost 80 GTQ (about  US$11)
US dollars are NOT accepted to pay tickets, tickets are purchased upon arrival at the park
Children under 5 years old can enter the park free of charge.
There are several lunch options, prices range from US$10 to US$15 per person.


*) Bring enough bottled water and sunscreen. Petén has a tropical climate similar to the rest of the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.
**) There are no ATMs in Yaxha, so be sure to bring the necessary cash with you.


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The adventure starts at when we pick you up at your hotel

Transfer to Parking lot of Yaxha

Visit the Minor Astronomical Complex

Walk along the Causeway of the Quarry

Visit of North-East Acropolis

Explore the Square of the Birds with the best stele

Climb the North Pyramid of North Acropolis (triadic pattern)

Visit of Maler Group

Walk Through Causeway of the Reservoirs

Climbed the Mayor Astronomical Complex

View of the Causeway of the Lake

Explore the South Acropolis (residential area of the nobility)

We pass the Ball Court

Walk by the East Causeway

Walk through the Twin Pyramids Complex

Explore the East Acropolis

Climb the Temple of the Red Hands

We end in the lobby of your hotel