2 days Snowmobiletrip to Pyramiden - Spitzbergen Adventures


Join us for an extraordinary trip. See all of it, beautiful nature, icecovered fjords, hugh glaciers as well as we take a dive into russian history. To be in Pyramiden is an experience extraordinary. By definition this place is now a ghost town since it was left behind in 1998. At that time almost 1000 people where living there. Today it is accessible again and we will have the possibility to visit some of the buildings and feel the history still within the walls.  
This is a 2 day trip where we are spening the night at the hotel in Pyramiden. On our way there will we serve you a warm tour lunch on the way to and back fram Pyramiden. When arrived we will have a traditional dinner and breakfast in Pyramiden.

We guarantee you that the group will not be bigger than 6 snowmobiles (larger groups only up on request) 

This tour is approx 150km one way and has both easy driving parts and some challenging part. But our very experienced guides will show you how to handle your snowmobile and with that keep you nice and safe.



Dates: 12 Mar 2018 - 13 May 2018