2 Day Intro Pack

This 2 day intro pack is your first introduction to Kite Flying. 

Designed to for anyone who just wants to try it out or for those who feel they don't need the full 3 day course to get up and riding. This course is based on the IKO Teaching standards and aims to complete the Body Dragging Lesson and get you ready for the board. 

Day 1 
3 Hour Kite Control Lesson on the beach. First you'll learn to fly a small trainer kite for about 1 hour, this teaches you kite control, theory and safety without the power of larger kites. The next step is to fly the small 4 line inflatable kite. You'll learn kite set up and the safety systems then how to fly the kite with control. You'll complete this step when you can show full control of the kite, the depower system, 1 handed flying and safety systems. 

Day 2
3 Hour Body Drag Lesson in the water. Now it's time to take the kite into the water! You'll be flying a bigger kite now with longer lines. You'll first learn to enter and exit the water while flying the kite and do Body Dragging through the water. You'll learn how to harness the power of the kite and how to re-launch the kite incase it crashes into the water. The final step is 1 handed upwind body drags and being able to navigate independantly in the water. If you are a fast learner you may get to try the board but most people would need to sign up for a third lesson to really get up and ride with confidence.  


Lessons are give daily at 12.00 - 15.00  or  15.00 - 18.00

Please choose if you want Private, Semi-private or Group lessons

One-on-one Instruction with personalized learning at your own pace. These private kiteboarding lessons will get you up and riding in the shortest time as you have all the attention from your instructor. Alternatively private lessons are great if you want to learn at a slower pace and take shorter 1 or 2 hour classes. If you are taking lessons alone then Private Kite Lessons are for you as we can’t guarantee a place on a group lesson when schedule, student level and language all become a factor. 
Private Lessons include: Private Instruction, Personal Equipment, IKO Certification (min/max 1 person per class)

Great for couples or two friends wanting to take lessons together. These semi-private kiteboarding lessons allow you to have maximum time flying the kite as each student has a full set of equipment included in the class. Your IKO Instructor will train both of you at the same time and an assistant will also be on hand at all times to ensure safety. Please make sure both students have the same schedule, level and language.
Semi-Private Lessons include: 1 Instructor, 1 Assistant, 2 Equipment sets, IKO Certification. (min/max 2 people per class)

Great for families or groups of two to four wanting to take lessons together. These Group kiteboarding lessons allow you to learn kiteboarding while taking advantage of group rate savings. Your IKO Instructor will train 2 to 4 students together sharing 1 Equipment set between 2 students. Please make sure all students have the same schedule, level and language.
Group Lessons include: 1 Instructor, 1 Equipment shared by 2 students (min/max 2/4 people per class)