2 Week Intensive Pack

21hr lessons and 7 sessions supervised equipment rental. Includes equipment and IKO certification.

These Intensive Kite Courses are special designed to maximize your training. You’ll get all the quality instruction offered on our other courses plus extra theory and full use of the Equipment under Supervision for as long as you want to practice. This way you’ll be able to really grasp Kite Surfing in the shortest time possible. These course are for those who are serious about going home competent Kite Surfers.


Lessons are 12:00 - 15:00 or 15:00 - 18:00

Day 1: Kite Flying & Safety  

Day 2: Body Dragging & Water Safety

Day 3: Up and Riding on the Board

Day 4:  Power Control, & Stopping

Day 5:  Up Wind & Independent Riding

Day 6: Turning & Self Rescue

Day 7 - 14: Supervised Equipment Rental with 1 hour Coaching when you need it. 

(This is a normal progession for most people, however some people may need more time get up on the board)