7 Day - Evia MTB Holiday

Discover the essence of cycling in central Evia..!!
The quaint villages of Evia are just awaiting their visitors. Scattered all over the island there are villages of different sizes and character which will give us delightful surprises on each trip. Chapels and churches with icons and decorated screens will greet us providing us shelter or some water to drink. Greeks are very religious which is clearly evident on our trips.
By the end of this tour you will definitely know central Evia better, having the opportunity to cycle from all around the central part of the island. Stunning scenery, amazing beaches and great food will leave you more than satisfied after the 5 days of cycling adventure.


DAY 1 - Arrival Steni
Transfer from Athens airport to your accommodation. Brief stop at the Evripus Strait, a unique tidal phenomenon and the initial link between Evia island with the mainland at the city of Chalkida. You will have the chance to walk along the seaside promenade of the town before you leave  for the hotel and prepare for the following 5 day exciting ride. Overnight at the Hotel.

DAY 2: Riding the river of Steni "19km"
Ride Statistics :

+522m / -522m 3-4 Hours B : Intermediate
Starting at the village of lower Steni we will have a leisurely ride cycling past beautiful little chapels when following the rolling hills. We cross the river from Steni numerous times until we make our picnic stop at a beautiful church next to an abandoned watermill. Return to Hotel

DAY 3 : The resin producer’s route "21km"
Ride Statistics :
+840m / -840m 5+ Hours C : Challenging
Cycling starts from the village of Makrykapa. We follow dirt roads through the mountains. Depending on the time of year we will come across heaps of timber and the famous resin producing forests of Evia. The route is circular but there is always an option of extending the route. Return to Hotel

DAY 4 : The mountains of Steni "25km"
Ride Statistics :
+1016m / -1016m 4-5 Hours C : Challenging
On leaving the village of Steni we head into the mountains following dirt roads. We ride our bikes all the way to 900m of altitude where we can enjoy some panoramic views. A small single track then leads our way down towards the hidden village of Kabia where we will enjoy fresh trout (freshly caught from the trout farm which we will visit) and some liquid refreshment. We set off again towards Agia Kyriaki chapel where we can have a dip in the river. The route is circular and will take us back to our hotel. Return to Hotel

DAY 5 : Eretria & Mountains "26km"
Ride Statistics :
+608m / -608m 3-4 Hours C : Challenging

Our tour starts along the hilltops of Eretria heading to the mountains. Olive groves, followed by pines trees will dominate the scenery. Rough hills and what seems like forgotten to man roads that lead to nowhere! St. George Arma monastery will quench our thirst providing us with a resting place to have our picnick. This tour is intended for experienced mountainbikers. This is where you will realize how mountainous Evia island really is. Return to Hotel

DAY 6 : Coast to Coast Sublime Beaches of Chalkida "23km"
Ride Statistics :
+238m / -238m 3-4 Hours A : Easy

Whether you are an everyday mountainbiker or a novice cyclist, this is a ride you will enjoy. Take part in this beautiful cycle along Chalkis’s sublime seaside houses and  coved beaches. You  will  have the opportunity to have a swim in the sea (have your swimming gear with  you).  Cycling along so many winding  beaches, the only thing you have to do is relax and enjoy the scenery. 

DAY 7 : Departure
After a good breakfast, it will, unfortunately, be time to travel back to the airport. However, if you wish why not extend your stay and have a guided tour to the Acropolis of Athens or just spend a few more days in Athens or on Evia.