"Cerro Pelado" Guided Hiking Challenge


This outdoor adventure to explore the mountains and volcanoes of Costa Rica start by trekking the hills of the Guanacaste range. Before reaching Cañas town, From there take the dirt road to the base of the mountains. Once you park the car each person begins their own challenge to reach the peak of Cerro Pelado. This hike starts walking through some rough terrain and uphill to a little forest area and right before the dryer plains and along small hills, but be patient and you will discover the unique and spectacular views once at the top. You will treasure this experience for the rest of your life. The majestic scenario provided by Nature is completely unforgettable. Catching the sunset to one side and off in the distance, the Tilarán wind turbines; and at your back, green hills and plains that extend for what seems like an eternity. From then on, everything is magic.


We will either pick you up or you can meet us at the office start location. Start locations vary depending on where you are staying. Once back at the office, if you used our transport, we will take you back to where you are staying. In order to bring you the lowest possible price, we do not include transportation in the cost. We do provide transportation for an additional fee. Please contact us to get the quickest most affordable quote for the location you are staying in.