1 day, Hidden Fjord Hiking Trip

Away from the busy tourist spots we found this hidden gem for you where you can enjoy spectacular fjord scenery and pristine nature in tranquility.



  • Start is at 11.00 (11am) at the Urke Kaihus and finishes here at 16.00 (4pm)
  • The meeting point in Urke can be easily reached with the Hjørundfjord cruise from Ålesund. The timetable of the boat corresponds with the start and finish of the trip.

What to bring

There are a couple of things you really don’t want to forget to bring on this day hike

  • Check the weather forecast beforehand
    and dress accordingly
  • Wear hiking boots or other suitable shoes
  • Lunch, water, some snacks
  • Sunscreen if it might be sunny

Here we have a packing list of a general summer day hike.