1 Day Outlander Experience

Blackness Castle – This 15th century fortification is known as ‘The ship that never sailed’ due to it’s unusual boat-like shape. Explore the rich history within the castle walls and learn of it’s multi-functional history as a lordly residence, garrison fortress and state prison. Fans of Outlander may also recognise that the exterior posed as Fort William, the foreboding headquarters of 'Black Jack' Randall. Culross – Several parts of Culross are used to depict the village of Cranesmuir, predominantly for season 1 of Outlander. Of note is the Mercat Cross (located in the centre of Culross). This is where Geillis Duncan’s house is, where Jamie frees the young thief that has been ‘pinned to the post’ and where Geillis is carried off to burn for witchcraft. Also very recently in season 4 when Briana encounters Laoghaire and Joanie on her way to seek passage to America, Joanie and Briana can be seen tending the garden outside a house which is close to the Mercat Cross, however the interior of Laoghaire’s home is represented by the interior of the nearby Culross palace. Linlithgow Palace – These hugely impressive ruins were the birthplace of several monarchs, but the most notable was Mary Queen of Scots. The foreboding shell of Linlithgow Palace dates back to the 12th century. It is used as the set for the infamous Wentworth Prison in Outlander. This is where Jamie was held prisoner and tortured by 'Black Jack' Randall, one of the most intense scenes filmed during the TV series. Have you spotted the Palace in the new 2018 blockbuster movie 'Outlaw King' about King Robert The Bruce? The Palace is centrally located in the town of Linlithgow where there will be plenty of choices for lunch. Callendar House – Callendar House dates from the 14th century and is set in the beautiful grounds of Callendar Park. A stroll around the lovely interior wouldn’t be complete without taking a look at the restored 1825 kitchen. Within the kitchen, costumed interpreters await to tell you more and may even have an example of early 19th century food for you to try. Outlander fans may again recognise this kitchen as the bloody (but well-deserved!) climax to the episode from season 2 ‘Vengeance is Mine’ Doune Castle – Also known as Castle Leoch which features predominantly in season 1 of Outlander, where the exterior entrance, the courtyard and the great hall are all used in filming. Castle Leoch is a very important location within the story world as it is where many crucial characters for season 1 are introduced & developed such as Colum, Dougal, Mrs Fitz, Murtagh & Laoghaire.The Castle has also been used as a film location for Game of Thrones as well as more recently appearing in the movie 'Outlaw King' about King Robert The Bruce. Midhope Castle –We finish our Outlander Experience tour with a photo opportunity at one of the most iconic sets in the series. This humble 16th century tower house is none other than Lallybroach, the home of Jamie Fraser. Any fan of Outlander will immediately recognise the archway entrance. Visitors are unable to go inside the castle, but Jamie’s lovely Lallybroch home is still an essential photo opportunity for any fan of the show making your Outlander Experience complete. On returning to Edinburgh you may want dropped off at Bake House Close, featured in Series 3 of "Outlander" as Jamie's Print house



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