Some of the best snorkeling in Costa Rica is located right off of our beautiful coastline here in Guanacaste. Divers from all over the world come to Guanacaste. Service provided to all major hotels. The beaches & islands, as well as the waters that surround them, are home to an abundant array of marine animals, birds, and land animals. Once you understand the myriad marine species that call these waters home, you will see exactly why it is a snorkeling paradise.


Our snorkeling tours provide a family friendly environment for divers of all levels to experience the Marine Life. Your morning will start at the beach of Riu at .9:20 am for boarding the boat and equipment fitting. Once you board our boat it is about a 20min trip to Playa Huevo. Once there you will have 2 opportunities to snorkel at different sites at the Cave Islands & Playa Huevo This is a fully guided tour, flotation aids are available. Fresh fruit snack and drinks are provided.