2-hour Seville Highlights Private Tour

This 2-hour private tour is the perfect introduction to Seville and a great way to orientate yourself in the city. Your local private tour guide will take you to must-see spots such as the Giralda bell tower, Plaza de España, the Cathedral and much more!

Explore Seville’s historic center through the Santa Cruz neighbourhood

Seville's historic center holds within its narrow streets over 2,200 years of history. From the Tartessians to the Romans, from the Muslims to the Christians to the latest modern architecture, dive into the top sites and monuments on this 2-hour private walking tour.

You'll see evidence of Seville's wealthiest decades with sites like the Cathedral-Giralda, and be shown where to experience some of Seville's best entertainment with the traditional flamenco clubs.

See Seville up-close

If you and your family or friends are popping into Seville for a quick trip then make the most of your stay by booking a private tour that fits your schedule!

This private tour will show you Seville as it was meant to be seen, walking you through the different civilizations and religions that have made Seville home over the centuries, while stopping to take in the stunning views. Your local expert guide will not only help you to tick off many of Seville’s must-see sites but reveal the interesting stories behind the iconic locations.

Want a more comprehensive overview of the city? Upgrade to the 3-hour private city tour!

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