Na Pali by Sea Kayak:  A one-day guided sea kayak adventure along the Na Pali Coast.
The Everest of sea kayaking! Na Pali Coast a 16 mile paddle.

--April through September--

For paddling speed, ease, comfort, and safety, we use solely "sit-on-top" two person plastic sea kayaks with foot controlled rudders and equipped with comfortable and ample back rests that offers good back support.

This will be a long, impressive day of warm coastal paddling and caving along the monumental Na Pali Coast with your island guide(s).

Marvel at sea caves. plunging waterfalls, hanging valleys and secluded beaches.

Paddle beyond the verdant valley of Kalalau, past the arches of Honopu, and into the azure waters of a volcanic sea cave. Encounter Dolphins, Tropic Birds and upon occasion, the elusive Monk Seal.

Later, pulling ashore, we'll spend a few hours stopping to rest and have lunch on the quiet beach of Miloli'i. At Miloli'i we can swim, beach comb, and visit an old Hawaiian fishing heiau (fishing shrine).

Polihale State Park, where the cliffs meet the sand dunes, is our final destination. After a refreshing shower, a van awaits, ready to whisk you back to our Wailua River Marina around 7:30 p.m., with your memories of the cliffs and warm sea.

Rated: A very rigorous adventure, recommended for the very few.

Open ocean off the Na Pali Coast

When And Where:

April through September. Weather permitting we schedule tours for every day of the week.

Monday through Thursday are generally more popular dates and fill quite quickly. Weekends we run often with less than 12 paddlers

Groups of 4 or more can open a tour; call to activate.

Depending on point of view, Sundays are optimum because the motor boats out of Hanalei are not permitted to run, so the coast can be paddled as it was in the beginning....uncrowded and unblemished.

*Check in at 6:00 a.m. at our Wailua River Marina.

Reservations recommended at least three weeks in advance.


Guide(s) State certified and trained in water safety.
Personal Flotation Devices (PFD's) i.e. life preservers.
Sit on top, two person kayaks with foot pedal and rudders
Water resistant bags
Scrumptious, mouth watering sandwiches ( turkey, roast beef, ham, salami, or vegetarian)
Refreshments of tropical juices and bottled water
Lightweight carbon fiber touring paddles.


After you complete this epic, you will be issued a Na Pali Sea Kayak Diploma, suitable for framing and which will look good not only your wall but on your resume.


Our Guide to client ratio is: one guide to seven clients.

Our guides are CPR/Ist Aid trained and State of Hawaii sanctioned.

Guide(s) carry:

VHF Radio
Emergency Position Indicating Radio beacon (EPIRB)
First Aid Kit
See Rescue device

What To Bring:

Sun protection
Light long sleeve shirt
Bathing suit
Footwear (tabis, aqua socks or tennis shoes)
towel and change of clothes

Age Requirements:

This is a strenuous journey. Paddlers under 16 years need "guide approval", in order to participate.

Physical Requirements:

Participants should be comfortable in the water, in good physical condition and not prone to sea-sickness.

About five to six hours of intermittent paddling.

This activity is rated "Rigorous"!

**Solo paddlers paddle doubles with either guide or another client.

Recommended for active individuals, couples and families

Cancellation / Re-scheduling Policy:

Because of the popularity of this tour and the fact that we can only guide 12 clients per day, our cancellation is 48 hours (not the usual 24 hours)

When we "book you", we are often sending others away. Make sure you know your date and can honor that date!

For cancellations or re-scheduling 48 hours before the date of your tour there is no charge. For cancellations or re-scheduling within 48 hours there is a 100% charge. If we are able to rebook the spot, the charge will be released.

*Know what you are getting into: See Caveat Emptor below before you sign up.

Caveat Emptor:

Before you sign up, note that after pioneering and doing this tour for well over30 years, we have learned a few things. We have learned most of all that this tour is not for everyone. It is a not a tour to talk someone into. You may enjoy someone in one arena, but this may not be the arena to share. We call this paddle for good reason , The Everest of Sea Kayaking!.

We feel it to be the roughest and longest sea kayak trip offered on the planet. Remember not only is it a 17 mile paddle, but surf launching and landings are often the norm. We usually have surf to negotiate at our take out at Polihale. The wind is a double edged sword. When the winds don't cooperate it is a long ...long...and for some, a very strenuous day. When the winds are up you will "sail", down the Coast for a price. These same wind that help, can also agitate the ocean and when accompanied by a ground swell,can make your kayak harder to manage with consequent "flip over's" the norm. If you flip over....will you "flip-out"?

Another companion of rough seas is Sea Sickness. Sea Sickness is our #1 malady and is a real concern. There is no refund if we pull you out for "blowing chunks". A seasick person does not paddle very well and can hamper an expedition.

For many experienced sea kayakers, they find the water off the Na Pali Coast to be generally some of the biggest waters that they have paddled. We have had many paddlers bail out because the seas were intimidating; Over their to speak. As with sea sickness. ...there is no refund.

Pick your shipmates well and be galvanized for a long and hard day on a capricious ocean ready to test your mettle. At one point you will question the wisdom of paying Kayak Kauai and having to work your butt off.


Check In: Wailua River Marina

  • 6:00 a.m. check in Wailua River Marina
  • 7:00 a.m. shuttle to launch at Ha'ena
  • 8:45 a.m. in the water and paddling
  • 1:00 p.m. lunch at Miloli'i.
  • 2:30 p.m. back in the water
  • 4:30 p.m. land at Polihale State Park
  • 6:00 p.m. shuttle back at Wailua River Marina