3 day trip to Bahariya Oasis and white desert from Cairo

Private three days tour to Bahariya oasis and white desert from Cairo, with One night in Hotspring hotel and one night Camping the white desert


► Day1- Cairo-Bahariya oasis

Pick up time At 07:00 from your hotel in Giza or in Cairo, your tour guide and driver will pick you up from your hotel in Cairo and take you to   Bahariya Oasis, about 350 km east. This journey takes about 4 hours, Check in Hotspring Hotel, Lunch at Hotel, Later on, day one, explore Baharyia oasis By Jeep,  By visiting

► Gebel Maghrafa 
Gebel Maghrafa, Mountain of the Ladle, and Dist (they are 50 meters apart) dominate the plain around Bir Ghaba. Maghrafa, the smaller of the two mountains, is an Oligocene ferruginous butte, 600 meters (1920 feet) round at the base and 15 meters (48 feet) at the top. Paralititan stromeri (Stromer's Tidal Giant) is the name of the dinosaur that was rediscovered recently by a Penn/Egyptian Geological Museum team. It is named not only for its location along the shores of an ancient sea, but for its size, being the largest and heaviest dinosaur known, and for the man who first found dinosaurs in Bahariya, the German scientist Ernst Strome, Stromer found the giant creature in 1914 at the base of Gebel Dist.
His research and samples were lost during World War II when his Munich museum was destroyed by Allied bombing.

► Lake al-Marun
Local legend says that no one should go to Bir al-Marun alone because the afrit (mischievous spirits) hold parties at night, and sometimes the beating of their drums can be heard in the other villages. In fact, there is probably an old Islamic village in this area or at least a caravan stop from the days of the Hagg.

► Gebel Al Ingleez
Black or English Mountain This mountain is distinguished by a ruin at its summit. It is not difficult to climb the mountain and the view from the top offers a panorama of the northern part of the oasis. At one corner of the summit are the ruins of a World War I lookout post, which was manned by Captain Williams, after whom the mountain is sometimes called. Williams was posted to Bahariya to observe troop movements by the Sanusi. The house, consisting of three rooms and a bath, is now in ruins. This is the same Captain Claud Williams of the Light Car Patrols for whom Williams Pass along the border of Libya and Egypt

Enjoy Sunset from The English Mountain, Dinner in the hotel, Enjoy swimming in Hotspring in your hotel

► Day 2

After Breakfast, You will take your 4x4 Jeep and Drive to El Haize oasis, Lunch will be served here in, This smal oasis, Later on, day one, explore the White Desert National Park, the most well-known desert destination in Egypt. The quantity of unearthly and beautiful wind-carved rock formations shaped in the form of giant mushrooms or pebbles is unequalled by any desert in the world. Arrive at the White Desert by sunset, and our Bedouin staff will arrange dinner and desert camping

 Day 3

you'll enjoy breakfast in the desert, before driving to  Bahariya Oasis, On the way Back Visit the Black Mountain before driving to the quartz crystals at Crystal Mountain, and the rocky formations in the Valley of Agabat.  to get some rest and take a shower. Then drive back Cairo.