2 Tank Scuba Dives at Catalina Islands

The Costa Rican Pacific coast is home to some of the most stunning scuba diving spots on the continent. It is the oldest and largest ocean in the world, so 75% of all the ocean fish on Earth are found in the Pacific Ocean; the variety of species is simply stunning. On this tour, you get to experience this world of underwater adventure for yourself.

Just 45 minutes offshore from Flamingo Beach lies one of the most exciting dive sites in Costa Rica—the mesmerizing Catalina Islands. It is an area where divers often find themselves surrounded by large schools of colorful fish, an abundance of manta rays and stingrays, and several species of sharks.

The unique rock formations provide a spectacular variety of marine life from Moorish idols and angelfish to jacks, snappers, grunts, octopus, and eels. The excitement is in knowing that you have an opportunity to see a large array of marine life on every dive.

There are several dive spots with depths ranging from 40 feet to more than 100 feet. Your PADI-certified dive masters will choose each site based on the day’s conditions. Visibility depends on the levels of plankton and nutrients in the water, as well as weather conditions. Typically, Pacific diving allows for visibility from 20 feet to 100 feet, with an average of approximately 45 feet.