6 Day Coastal Belt Tour Oman

The Oman coastal belt tour takes you from Muscat to Salalah but rather than taking the “12 hours boring road” you passby stunning beaches and villages along the coast of Oman. This path is full of hidden treasures and beauty that not many people know about so join us for an unforgettable adventure. 


• Muscat: City of culture! 
• Wadi Al Arbieen – One of Oman’s most beautiful Wadis and where you will see  the secret waterfall. 
• Ras Al Had – Experience local fishery culture, home to the largest turtle gathering in the world.
• The Sugar Sand –  Discover the serenity of the white sand while hearing the crashing waves of the Indian ocean. 
• Al Shwaimiah – home of the Arabian humpback whales. 
• Salalah – The land of lubanand adventure and the Arabian leopard!  

Husaak have taken thousands of people on this enjoyable journey. Join us in February for a once in a life time experience.


Day 1 -  Leave Muscat and head to Wadi Al Arbieen. Camp and swim at the Wadi, introduction and dinner 
Day 2 - Wake up and head inside the Wadi for the secret waterfall, finish and then head to Ras Al Had where you will camp on the beach
Day 3 - Drive to Sugar Sand - Set up camp and go for a sunset night trek to Khalufand come back for dinner in camp 
Day 4 - Wake up early morning and start the navigational Rally Day - Spend full day looking for hidden geological wonders and then head to Shuwaimyah to camp overnight
Day 5 - Wake up early and drive to Jebel Samhan where you will explore some of the sink holes 
Day 6 - Drive around Jebal Samhan, check Taiqcave and head back to Salalah and fly to Muscat - End of trip