Watamu is a small coastal town in Kenya, north of Mombasa. It’s known for Watamu Marine National Park and Reserve, which has 3 bays: Watamu, Blue Lagoon and Turtle. Sandy beaches and coral gardens are the defining features. Seabirds, as well as green and hawksbill turtles, inhabit Mida Creek with its sand flats and mangrove forest. Inland, Arabuko-Sokoke Forest Reserve is home to elephants, monkeys and rare birdlife.


A MombasaB WatamuC Gede ruinsD Hell's kitchen, MarafaE watamu marine national park, B8F Mida creekG Mombasa

DAY 1:
Pick up at your hotel or resort at 8:00am. Start your safari to the following places.
Hell’s Kitchen Marafa:
A natural canyon characterized by rock and sandstone, an hour’s driving from Malindi, while passing through the middle of typical African villages and pineapple plantations. Besides the spectacular views, the journey is unusual for city dwellers, using dirt roads carved though the middle of the savannah.
The ruins of Gedi:
The ghost city is one of the sites of great historical interest on the coast and it is still a mystery today what exactly happened to its inhabitants. The excavations have brought porcelain, glassworks and terracotta furnishings to light. These objects are displayed in the museum next to the entrance. 20km from Malindi, the cultural interest and the ghostly air makes for an interesting visit.
Needless to say, going on vacation to Malindi and not doing at least one or two of the suggesed excursions, is like taking a trip to Rome without going to the Colosseum. You would lose a lot of the charm of Africa and will not have anything uncommon to share with friends when back home.

Check in at Mawe resort for dinner and overnight.

DAY 2:
Depart at around 08:30 from your beach resort. Get on a boat with a glass bottom, equipped with masks and flippers lifesaver.
Feel the breeze caress your face, the sun warm you, follow you the playful dolphins in the sea. Sail towards the Marine Park, where you can snorkel among beautiful colorful fish, or admire them through the glass bottom.
At lunchtime, you can enjoy freshly caught fish, octopus with coconut rice, lobster, octopus, fruit and drinks on a table spread.
The food will be prepared while you relax, thinking of being in paradise
After lunch take a break and rest, sunbathe or snorkel.
Head towards mida creek
Mida Creek:
A dense lagoon of mangroves set in an inlet of the coast shortly after passing Watamu. Once inside it seems like a world apart, completely cut off from time.
Later head back to your original destination.