Four people can comfortably share one of our ocean-going vessels to experience our Ollie’s Point Surf Trip. Ollie’s Point is famous for its long, perfect green walls. The offshore winds that blow most of the year put the finishing touches on one of the best waves in the area. The surf is extremely consistent and even first-time surfers can learn the waves' tendencies quickly. This is why so many surfers say they have had the “wave of their life” at Ollie’s point. Make sure to take an Ollie’s Point surf trip and create your own lasting memories. Even if you have a member of your group who does not want to surf, we can provide snorkeling gear for them to enjoy their time. The tour includes drinks (soda, water, fruit juice) chips with dip, fresh pineapple, and tuna sandwiches. Our full day trips also include alcoholic beverages and full daily meals. Please bring a copy of your passport. Other recommended items to bring are a hat, towel, sunscreen, bathing suit, music, and a camera.


A Playa FlamingoB Ollie's PointC Flamingo Marina

Participants meet at the Flamingo Marina where you will be transported by Panga boat to your surfing vessel. Once at Santa Rosa national park you will have time to surf, enjoy the ocean, and more. We partner with the best local providers to ensure you have the best tour possible. We are the go to option for all of your online tour concierge needs in Guanacaste! No need to pay in full when booking, just a small deposit to confirm your reservation. Full payment accepted the day of the tour upon arrival and you have confirmed your activities.