"The secrets of Aruba" Half day Private Tour

We have created the most all around, complete island Safari tour for you. This is the only tour in Aruba that will give you every aspect of the island, both the tourist and the local side. We have innovated our tours by showing our visitors another side of Aruba, the secrets of Aruba.. Yes, you'll experience it all in one tour. 
Drive in our famous ISLA safari jeep and let the adventure begin! Our experienced guide will take you to the top attractions on the island and also Aruba's untold gems. Discover Aruba like a local.

Morning Tour
Starting time: 8:00 am. (Pick up: 5-10 min before tour outside lobby)
Duration: 4:30 hours

Afternoon Tour:
Starting time 14:00 pm (Pick up: 5-10 min before tour outside lobby)
Duration: 4:30 hours

Tour includes:
  • Pick up / Drop off from hotel or airbnb
  • Unlimited cold water
  • Professional Guide
  • Snorkel gears

What to bring:
Good pair of sneakers / sandals
(water shoes)
Comfortable outdoor clothes
Swimming gears 
Pocket money for bathroom/bar stops

Water bottle for refills

*This tour is not for people with back problems, difficulty walking, or pregnant.
*ID's are required.


This complete island tour will give you every aspect of Aruba including both the tourist and the local side. Go from cliff jumping into the natural Cave Pool to getting to know Aruba's top beaches and hidden ones. We'll travel through different cities and see different cultures. Visit the island's north coast and all its attractions including Gold mill Ruines, and Natural Bridges. Swim at your favorite beach stops and learn everything about the local life. Pass through one of Aruba's haunted passage as we go treasure hunting in Balashi. Get a chance to pet Aruba's friendly donkeys in Sero Colorado. Get a handful of helpful tips on how to easily get around the island by our guides. Learn some 'Papiamento' along the way.
Consider yourself a local at the end of this experience