10 days Egypt tour package and desert from Cairo

Are you looking for a great tour from Cairo to discover the beauty of Egypt? with our 10-day tour package from Cairo. you can see the highlights of Egypt like the pyramids of Giza, Egyptian museum, white desert. Abu Simble Temples, the Valley of the Kings

Round trip from Cairo 10 Days / 9 Nights
(Cairo / Aswan - Abu Simbel / cruise / Luxor / Oasis Al-Khargah)


A CairoB AswanC LuxorD KhargaE Cairo

Welcome to Egypt

Day 1:

Arrival in Cairo, welcome, transfer and check-in at the 5-star hotel
I simply meet you upon arrival at Cairo International Airport and escort you to your air-conditioned modern vehicle hotel. At the hotel, I help you to check in and give you all the necessary information for the next day's trips (meals, departure times, ...).
Overnight in hotel.

Day 2: Cairo (Dahshur / Saqqarah / The Pyramids of Giza)

In the morning I will pick you up at the hotel (in Cairo or Giza). I accompany you in a modern, air-conditioned vehicle for the visit of the Red Pyramid erected during the 4th Dynasty by Pharaoh Snefrou, father of the famous Khufu. Then join the diamond-shaped pyramid, also attributed to Snefrou. These two pyramids are located in Dahshur. Then we discover the largest necropolis of Saqqarah in Egypt and which traditionally embraces the longest. Discovery of the Middle Kingdom complex of King Djoser, step pyramid of the architect Imhotep. A visit to the pyramid of Titi visit two mastaba (tombs)
Lunch at a good local restaurant
After lunch discovery of the Giza plateau the three pyramids of Cheops the largest Khephren his son and Mykérinos the most modest. We end our day with an extraordinary visit the Sphinx giant statue carved into the rock. It is a body of lion reclining with people representing the functions of Pharaoh Khephren.
Transfer to Cairo station and departure by night train to Aswan.
Dinner and Breakfast overnight on board.

Day 3: Aswan

Arrived in Aswan
upon arrival our driver takes us to a great visit in the temple of Philae (located on the island of Agélika among the best of the Nile) especially to admire the goddess Isis whose beauty and beauty. This temple was completely demolished and rebuilt on another island 300 m away from the other. Next visit to the Aswan Dam or Nasser Dam as Egyptians usually say, this Dam completed in 1970.
In the afternoon we meet on our boat trip (full board)
 Transfer and lunch on board.
Afternoon pleasant walk along the Nile and discover the paradise of Egypt (Aswan) a nature reserve, watching migratory birds, all this on a private boat takes us to the Nubian village and on the spot we visit a Nubian family to discover in his house life, its tradition, its mentality and we will see from the terrace the sunset.

Day 4: Abu Simbel (optional) / Komombo

Breakfast we take (packed lunch) and depart at 3:30 am by air-conditioned bus to Abu Simbel (3 hours drive) in the desert visit the two temples Ramses Two and his wife at Nefertari 280 km southwest of Aswan built by pharaoh tombs II for his worship as well as for gods. (Optional)
Return to the boat at 1pm for lunch on board and sail to Komombo.
In the afternoon and just on arrival the captain of our boat will find a place in the Quay of the temple of Komombo, then we leave our boat on foot to the temple of crocodile, also private visit to see the mummified crocodiles in the museum next to the temple
Sail to Edfu, dinner and overnight on board.

Day 5: Edfu / Luxor

In the morning after breakfast, we depart by carriage to the temple of Edfu, dedicated to the god Horus the Falcon. Impressive temple its bas-reliefs show the battle of Horus against his uncle the bad set and on the spot I will also show you the nilometer.
Lunch on board and sail to Luxor, dinner and overnight on board.

Day 6: Luxor

Morning departure to the valley of the king, dozens of tombs are scattered at the foot of a rocky mountain following the meanders of a desert valley, where most of the pharaohs of the 18th and 20th dynasties were buried.
You will visit the Temple of Hatshepsut at Deir el-Bahari, which was built by the architects of the Queen's new kingdom in the 15th century. JC. On the way you will also stop at the Colossi of Memnon.
Afternoon departure to the temple of Karnak beautiful temple envelops, the sacred lake, the great colonnade in the world consists of 134 columns. The Karnak was once connected to the Luxor temple by a path of Sphinx which is 3 km long as the distance between the two temples.
The next visit to the temple dedicated to the Theban triad: Amun, malt and Khonsou the Luxor temple. Just before the facade of the temple I will show you one of the two obelisks of Ramesses II and the second still exists in the Place de la Concorde in Paris and was made France by Mohamed Ali.
Then you will discover everyday life in Luxor in the horse-drawn carriage, the souk (fruit and vegetables), the popular neighborhoods and the fields.
Dinner and overnight on board.

Day 7: Luxor / oasis of Kharga

Breakfast on board
Departure of the boat in own air-conditioned car towards Oasis de Kharga 375 km the largest Egyptian oasis and also a large producer of data, on arrival we visit;
the temple of Hibis was largely made during the Persian period. The bas-reliefs depict a multitude of deities of the Egyptian pantheon
the necropolis of Bagawat: the oldest and best preserved of the Christian necropolis in Egypt. 263 mausoleums stretched on a hill. In one, a very beautiful fresco illustrating the Exodus
the temple of Nadoura: built under the reign of the Roman emperor Antoninus the pious this temple stands atop a 133 m high cliff, a beautiful view over the oasis and the dunes of clear sand that surround it
Darb el-Sindadiya & the typical souks of the Oasis is located in the old town where we find houses of raw brick and palm trees.
Lunch at a local restaurant is in the old town then walk towards the camp on the sand dunes for sunset
in the evening coffee and tea by the fireplace and dinner by candlelight, then sleep under the stars in the desert.

Day 8: Kharga / Luxor

After breakfast back to Luxor, on the way back we will visit:
Douch: Ancient city of Kysis, this remarkable civil and military religious complex was an important border post of the Roman Empire.
The village of Hassan Fathy: Commissioned by the government, the project to build a village witness was inspired by simple and inexpensive methods of construction, the project was abandoned in 1967.
A source of warm water: the water drawn on the grounds of more than 1000 m deep, reaches 42 ° C. Rich in iron and magnesium, it has virtues against rheumatism and skin diseases.
At the end of the afternoon you will depart by night train to Cairo. Dinner and breakfast on the train *

Day 9: Egyptian Museum / The Coptic Quarter / The Islamic Cairo

leave for the Egyptian Antiquities Museum, is one of the richest in the world: statues, frescoes, ornaments and furniture from all eras of pharaonic art are collected, not to mention the famous treasure of Tutankhamun.
Lunch in a good local restaurant
Finally, you can visit the old quarter of Cairo and visit the Hanging Church where, according to tradition, the Holy Family had fled during his exile from Palestine. Then visit the Abu Sirga Church, built on the site where the Holy Family is said to have striked. Finally, end your rich day with a visit to Cairo's old synagogue, the Ben Ezra Synagogue, said to have been built on the site where the Pharaoh's daughter is said to have gathered the young child Moses after he was laid on the waters of the Nile by his mother Bythia.
Visiting Islamic Cairo allows you to discover this vast pedestrian zone with its ancient gates, walls, charities, old houses, mosques and old schools. This architectural complex was the first built, in the heart of the history of one of Old Cairo's oldest streets, El-Moez Street, at the Fatimids after their conquest of Egypt around 969 AD. C.
Spend the night in the hotel

Day 10: Departure

Departure after breakfast for Cairo International Airport

* Instead of. by night train you can also choose to travel by plane to Luxor. Prices on request.