2 Day trip to Luxor from Portghalib

Overnight trip to Luxor  from Portghalib
Experience a 2 Day trip to Luxor from Portghalib. Under the heavenly sun, beneath the delightful clouds of luxor over the immortal Nile lie a number of miraculous constructions across each of its banks offering the chance to witness the glory, allure, and wonders of the ancient Egyptian civilization such as the grand karnak temple, the fascinating hatshepsut temple, the divine valley of the kings, the enchanting luxor temple and many more waiting for your visit. Enjoy a full two days tour from Port Ghalib to Luxor and witness magic in its full capacity.


Day_1: Luxor East Bank Tour

Early morning, we will pick you up from your hotel in Portghalib by a private A.C. Car to be transferred to Luxor  for an overnight trip to Luxor  from Portghalib. Upon arrival you will meet your private tour guide who will join you to visit:

Karnak Temple:
No site in Egypt is more impressive than  Karnak. It is the largest temple complex ever built by man and represents the combined achievement of many generations of ancient builders and pharaohs. The Temple of  Karnak is actually three main temples, smaller enclosed temples, and several outer temples situated on 247 acres of land.

Luxor  Temple:
The Temple of  Luxor  was the center of the most important festival, the festival of Opet. Built largely by Amenhotep III and Rameses II, the temple's purpose was as a setting for the rituals of the festival. The festival was to reconcile the human aspect of the ruler with the divine office.

Lunch will be served in a local restaurant in  Luxor .
Overnight at Nile Palace  Luxor  

Day_2: Luxor West Bank Tour

Breakfast at your hotel then you will be accompanied by your private tour guide and a private air-conditioned vehicle to visit:

The Valley of Kings:
The final resting place of Egypt's rulers from the 18th to 20th dynasty, it is home to tombs including the great pharaoh Ramses II and boy pharaoh Tutankhamen.
The tombs were well stocked with all the material goods a ruler might need in the next world. Most of the decoration inside the tombs still well preserved.

Hatshepsut  Temple:
It is one of the most beautiful & best preserved of all of the temples of Ancient Egypt. The temple was built on three levels with two wide ramps in a central position joining the levels together.

Colossi of Memnon:
Two massive stone statues of king Amenhotep III are the only remains of a complete mortuary temple.
The statues are made from blocks of quartzite sandstone which exist in  Cairo  then moved 700 KM to  Luxor

Lunch will be served in a local restaurant in Luxor. 
At this point end your 2 Day trip to Luxor from Portghalib and drive back to Portghalib

Optional Tour:
In the Evening you can enjoy An Optional Tour Sound and Light Show at Karnak : The show starts with a historical introduction covering the birth of the great city of Thebes and the erection of the Karnak Temple. The show narrates the glorious achievements of some great Pharaohs as you listen to a magnificent and poetic description of the artistic treasures and great legacy which the Karnak temple encloses.