11 May: Through the hilly Entlebuch

Discover the unknown Entlebuch between Berne and Lucerne, and pay a visit to the patron saint of travellers.

The hike over the ridge between Entlebuch and Schüpfheim leads us through traditional farmland. The isolated farmhouses are scattered over the landscape like dice on a green playing field, and tell us stories about the difficult living conditions on the isolated farms until some decades ago.

The comfortable path over the ridge gives us views on one side over the typical hills of the Entlebuch and on the other side down the valley of the Emme and the still snow-covered Prealps.


A EntlebuchB Schüpfheim

Starting point: Entlebuch

End point: Schüpfheim

up: 550 m
down: 500 m
hiking time: approx. 4 hours

Difficulty level:medium

Tour Start Time: 10:30