13 September: In the valley of the green fairy

A mysterious hike in the mysterious valley, where we attempt to uncover the secret of the green fairy.

In midwinter you would need an additional layer of clothes, as the hike starts at one of the coldest locations in Switzerland. But in the summer, the Lac de Taillères is a much appreciated place to cool off.

The dry stone walls have been the typical companion of the Jura landscape for centuries. Unfortunately many of them are not well maintained, but we will still find some examples of this special architecture.

Passing through the meadows and forest we reach the citadel on the historic pilgrim route. Might we discover the secret of the green fairy there? The hikes descend to Môtiers, where Jean-Jacques Rousseau lived for three years.


A La BrévineB Môtiers

Starting point: La Brévine

End point: Môtiers

up: 350 m
down: 600 m
hiking time: approx. 4.5 hours

Difficulty level:medium