6 Days Eastern Canada Classic Tour

Enjoy a 6-day guided tour of Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, Thousand Islands Tour, Niagara Falls and many other fascinating attractions. The price covers all transportation and accommodation, and you can enjoy the view without worrying about driving and navigation.


A 多伦多 TorontoB 京士顿 KingstonC 渥太华 OttawaD 蒙特利尔 MontrealE 魁北克 Quebec CityF 千岛湖 Kingston 1000 IslandsG 多伦多 TorontoH 尼亚加拉大瀑布 Niagara FallsI 多伦多 Toronto

Day 1 Hometown-Toronto
After the group members arrived in Toronto at their hometown, they were sent to their accommodation hotel. If time permits, group members can freely move around or visit relatives.

Day 2 Toronto-Kingston-Ottawa-Montreal
[Kingston]-The ancient capital of Canada, take photos to commemorate the century-old city hall, the ancient steam locomotive, the British fortified defense bunker; passing by: the magnificent prison, the former residence of the first prime minister, the top Queen’s University, the Royal Canadian Military Academy, etc. .
[Ottawa]-Parliament Hill: Take photos to commemorate the majestic Parliament Hill (exterior)-the center of Canada's highest political institution; visit the "Canadian Museum of History" (own expense);
Exclusive arrangement to take the [Capital] cruise for 1 hour (at your own expense), enjoy the unique architecture of Canada, and enjoy the different scenery of Ontario on the east coast and the west coast, Quebec. Along the way, you can admire the top ten buildings in North America-Parliament Hill, the Museum of Human Faces, the Canadian Museum of History, the Lido Canal, Lido Falls and the Governor's Mansion, etc. Via: Ottawa-Downtown: Ottawa River, War Memorial, Peace Bell Tower, Chancellery, Rideau Canal, National Gallery of Canada, Government House, etc.

Day 3 Montreal-Quebec City
[Montreal]-St. Joseph's Cathedral: The world's second largest dome church is located on Mont Royal in Montreal, the largest and most famous church in Canada (each person needs to donate @CAD$5). Notre Dame Cathedral-a magnificent ancient style, the sister church of Notre Dame de Paris (exterior) (you need to donate @CAD$8 per person if you visit inside) [If there is a mass in progress on Sunday or there will be any large-scale events in the church, Will not be allowed to visit].
Olympic World Games Village-the venue for the 1976 Olympic Games (exterior view)
Famous Paris [Grevin Wax Museum] Canadian Branch-The Grevin Wax Museum located on Saint Catherine Street in the city center (at your own expense), and the vivid Michael Jackson or the world's great Einstein and other celebrities to take a close photo. [Features-Traditional Maple Sugar House "French Farm Lunch"]: Taste a traditional maple syrup lunch in the manor (at your own expense), you can also appreciate the collection and processing of maple syrup, and the atmosphere is harmonious and warm with the accompaniment of country music.
[Quebec City]-Marie Building-31st Floor Observatory: The highest observatory in the city (at your own expense), you can watch the scenery of Quebec city.
The ancient city of Quebec-a world cultural heritage, the only well-preserved ancient city wall in North America. The ancient city was built on a cliff. There are many ancient churches, monasteries, historic battery parks, the French-style castle square, Quebec Provincial Parliament Building and famous historical buildings, including the Fontina Castle and so on. The ancient city under the curtain of night is dignified and elegant, and it feels like being in it
Being in Europe.

Day 4 Quebec-Thousand Islands-Toronto
[Thousand Island Lake]-Take a sightseeing boat (at your own expense) to experience the three natural wonders of Canada's Qiandao Lake style: watch the heart-shaped island, the castle of billionaires, the world's shortest international bridge and so on. (The visit time may be adjusted according to local weather conditions)
Take a helicopter (at your own expense) to overlook the lakes and mountains of Qiandao Lake from a high altitude. The surface of the lake is like a bright mirror, and thousands of islands are inlaid like scattered gems. The openness and magnificence will make you feel relaxed and happy. (The visit time may be adjusted according to local weather conditions), arrive in Toronto at about dusk, and end the three-day classic tour of East Canada.

Day 5 Toronto-Niagara Falls-Toronto
In the morning, set off to the famous Niagara Falls Scenic Area. Watch the IMAX waterfall history movie (at your own expense), learn about the magical, mysterious, and fabulous Niagara Falls and many famous shocking and exciting deeds in history. Afterwards, you will climb to the Sky Tower at your own expense (at your own expense), the 360-degree viewing platform will have a bird's-eye view of the stunning scenery of the waterfall area and watch the magnificent American Falls, Bridal Veil Falls and Canadian Horseshoe Falls. Enjoy lunch at noon (at your own expense) and freely move around the waterfall. You can take the "trumpeter" waterfall sightseeing boat (at your own expense) (seasonal itinerary, approximately from April to November) to see the majestic waterfall up close It rushed from high above, surging, and the thunderous sound of water was deafening and breathtaking. Afterwards, visit the ice wine factory and taste the famous Canadian specialty ice wine. Arrive in Toronto at about dusk, and end a pleasant one-day trip with panoramic waterfalls.

Day 6 Toronto City - Central Island Park - Canada National Tower - Casa Loma Castle
Depart in the morning and arrive in downtown Toronto, passing the Provincial Council, University of Toronto, Chinatown Chinatown and so on. Afterwards, ascend to the CN Tower of the Canadian National Tower (at your own expense), a landmark of Toronto located in the heart of the city. The observation deck on the tower offers panoramic views of Lake Ontario and the city of Toronto. Afterwards, head to Central Island on the shore of Lake Ontario (seasonal itinerary, approximately from April to October), take a sightseeing boat (at your own expense) to enjoy the spectacular view of Toronto downtown skyscrapers and the beautiful island landscape. The blue sky and the water of Lake Ontario complement each other, forming a breathtaking picture of the bustling downtown on the other side. After lunch (own expense), visit Casa Loma Castle (own expense), the exquisite architecture is breathtaking. The 0.5-acre private garden is filled with various flowers, and is now the first choice for Toronto photographers. The pleasant day trip to downtown Toronto ends at about dusk.
Package Includes:
  1. 13% HST tax and other taxes
  2. Professional Chinese speaking tour guide
  3. Hotel accommodation (room is 1 or 2 beds)
  4. Luxury tour bus
Package Excluded:
  1. Full tip for tour guide and driver: Canadian $72.00/person (Pick-up on the first day: $8.00/person, from the second day to the fifth day: CAD$16/person/day)
  2. (2-4 days) Bus VIP seat CAD$48 (@$16 tax included/person/day)
  3. All VIP seats must be booked at the same time when booking a group to ensure that the first 4 rows of seats are available to guests.
  4. Your air ticket to and from the place of departure and related transportation costs
  5. All personal expenses and meals (the tour guide can assist in arranging meals during the itinerary, if necessary, please consult the tour guide on the tour)
  6. Tickets or self-financed items in the itinerary (in 2-4 days of the itinerary), each guest needs to choose to participate in 4 self-financed programs; items and prices may be adjusted due to seasonal changes, and finally please use the actual project and the actual day of the tour (The actual price in the ticket window shall prevail)
  7. All fees are calculated in Canadian dollars. For VIPs who only carry U.S. dollars, you need to pay the difference due to the difference in exchange rates between U.S. dollars and Canadian dollars)