*MPM* Wine Cellar Tour and Tasting

This tour is operated by our partner Burmester Wine Cellar.

Porto has one of the oldest protected wine regions in the world and once you’ve tried the local port wine, you’ll agree it’s worth protecting! It’s not just enough to taste this delicious drop though; for a truly authentic experience, you’ll want to discover one of the historic cellars by taking a tour with an expert.

An historical vintage cellar
This tour and tasting takes place in the historic Burmester Wine Cellar, dating all the way back to the year 1750. Sometimes referred to as “the caves”, this cellar is in a prime location overlooking the magnificent river Duoro, by the famous Dom Luís I bridge.

Your guided cellar tour
Your tour of the cellar is given by an expert local guide, who will not only tell you about the history of the cellars, their port production methods and the different kinds of port, but will also guide you through your wine tasting, helping you to recognize and discover different flavors, and even teaching you how to drink and taste port the way the experts do!

Your port wine tasting
The classic version of this tour includes the tour of the wine cellar and two port wines (one red, one white). A premium upgrade is possible, which includes a third wine tasting paired with exquisite Arcadia bonbons.