*MPM* Porto Boat Tour

This tour is operated by our partner Douro Acima

Following the six magnificent bridges that connect the two banks of the Douro River, you’ll journey underneath them by boat, from the oldest to the most modern, taking in the stunning sites of Porto as you do. After you’ve experienced the beauty of Porto from the river, your ticket includes a wine tasting at the Porto Cruz wine cellar.

The famed bridges of Porto

The first of the six bridges you’ll see on this tour is the iconic Dom Luís I bridge, star of almost every gorgeous picture taken of Porto. The result of a design competition in the late 19th Century, Gustave Eiffel (of Eiffel Tower fame) was hoping to be the winner; unfortunately for him, the winning design was awarded to his protégé, Théophile Seyrig (ouch!). Still, those with a keen eye may see design similarities between the two famed structures. From there, you’ll journey under another five of Porto’s beautiful bridges, taking a trip through time as you move from oldest to newest.

Take in the stunning sites on the river banks
It’s not just the bridges that will have you reaching for the camera on this tour. You’ll also be able to take in famed sites such as the Riberia neighbourhood, one of the oldest parts of Porto and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Other highlights include the Palace of the Stock Exchange, the Monastery of the Sierra do Pilar, the Gaia Pier and much more.

Your post-tour wine tasting
No trip to Porto is complete with a visit to an authentic wine cellar, and a tasting of the good stuff! Porto Cruz was established in 1887 on the banks of the Douro River, and is today a world leader in the port wine business, with over 10 million bottles sold every year.