(PD03) El Encanto 3 days/2 nights


We will leave Panama City early in the morning (after breakfast), taking the Panamerican Highway towards Darien province. We’ll stop at a store along the way so that clients can pick up any last-minute items that they might have forgotten. Approximately 2 hours into our journey, we’ll stop at Lake Bayano to observe the surroundings and visit the local Guna indigenous community.

Our next stop will be approximately 1 hour after Lake Bayano, to eat lunch. About half an hour later, we will pass through the police check point at Agua Fria, where you should be prepared to show your passports and luggage to agents of the Panamanian border police, SENAFRONT.

From Agua Fria, we will continue directly to the community of Sante Fe, and from there to the indigenous community of Puerto Lara (this latter part of the trip will be in a 4x4 vehicle). We will be warmly welcomed in Puerto Lara, and shown to our accommodations. Once we are settled in, our hosts will perform a cultural show that includes a demonstration of their traditional dances, as well as some stories about their past. After that, there will be time for body paintings and to browse the beautiful handicrafts that they make. After a walk around the community, dinner will be waiting for us.


After breakfast, we will head out along the Rio Sabanas by boat, towards the Gulf of San Miguel, where we will visit mangrove habitats that are home to a diversity of plants and animals. The Gulf of San Miguel was where the Spanish explorer Basco Núñez de Balboa first spotted the Pacific Ocean in 1953. At this site, we will an island called “El Encanto” (The enchanted island), where there are ruins dating from the time of the Spanish Conquest. We’ll take a tour around the island to spot dolphins. Next, we’ll visit the capital of Darien Province, La Palma, where we’ll enjoy an exquisite lunch of seafood or fish. After lunch, we’ll take a small walking tour around the town, and then spend the evening resting at our hostel in La Palma, in comfortable rooms.


After breakfast, we’ll depart for Puerto Quimba, where we’ll board a bus to the Filo del Tallo trail. This is an approximately 3-hour hike covering somewhat steep and difficult terrain. After our hike, we’ll have lunch at a seafood restaurant, and then return to Panama City.

*Note: Itinerary subject to change depending on the tide

The package-price includes:

  • All food costs
  • Logistics
  • Lodging
  • Entrance to tracks in the indigenous village
  • Guides
  • Boats or other water transport
  • Land transportation to/from Panama City
  • Body painting if the visitor wishes (optional)
  • Drinking water
  • Emberá traditional music
  • Personal risk insurance

Not included:

  • Personal purchases of handicrafts, souvenirs etc
  • Tips

What to Bring:

  • Personal documents
  • Light clothing
  • Hat
  • Walking shoes
  • Sun-block
  • Insect-repellent
  • Plastic bags for your luggage
  • Personal medications (if appropriate)
  • Binoculars
  • Camera or video camera
  • Flash light

And most importantly, bring your adventurous personality!



3 days and 2 nights in the communities of La Palma, Mogue and El Encanto Island

Day 1

6:00: Leaving from Panama City

7:30: First Stop in Cañitas

9:00: Arrive to police checkpoint of Agua Fría

9:40: Arrive to police checkpoint of Metetí

10:30: Arrive to  Puerto Quimba

10:40: Leaving by boat to  La Palma

11:10: Arrive to   La Palma.

12:00: Lunch and  leaving by boat to Mogue Community

16:00: Arrive to  Mogue (depending of the tie)

18:00: Dinner


Day 2

7:00: Breakfast

8:00: Leaving to Aguila Harpía trail (lunch in the trail)

14:00: Back to the community

16:00: Emberá Music Presentation  and handicraft

18:00: Dinner

Rest time in the traditional house or walking around the community


Day 3

6:00: Breakfast

7:00: Leaving of the communities (depending of the tie)

10:00: Arrive to Puerto Quimba

12:00: Lunch

15:00: Arrive to Cartí Port and transfer back to Panama city