(PD01) Harpy Eagle (3 days/2 nights)

For those who want to explore Darien and wish to see a Harpy Eagle in the wild, this is an ideal package.

You will enjoy the unique road-trip starting from Panama city, a boat ride between Puerto Quimba and La Palma and then a scenic boat trip from La Palma to Mogue which is the closest point to the Harpy Eagle trail. With luck, we will see Harpy Eagles as well as many other species and varieties of flora and fauna.

The accommodation is in one of the Embera Villages and is in a traditional thatched “rancho” sleeping on camping mattresses: it’s basic but clean and gives you the opportunity to have a closer look at the local life-style.

On the last day, we will go to San Miguel Gulf looking for dolphins and visit the fort-ruins of the Spanish conquistadors before we head back to the City.

The package includes 3 meals, all transportation, lodging, contributions to the Indian Village and water. Please bring your Personal ID, wear light clothing, hat, walking shoes and carry sun block, insect repellent and plastic bags to protect your belongings.


Day 1

6:00: Leave from Panama City

7:30: First stop in Cañitas

9:00: Arrive at police checkpoint of Agua Fría

9:40: Arrive at police checkpoint of Metetí

10:30: Arrive in Puerto Quimba

10:40: Leaving by boat to La Palma

11:10: Arrive in La Palma.

12:00: Lunch and leave by boat to Mogue Community

16:00: Arrive in Mogue (depending of the tide)

18:00: Dinner


Day 2

7:00: Breakfast

8:00: Leave for Harpy Eagle trail (lunch during the trail)

14:00: Back to the community

16:00: Emberá Music and handicraft presentation

18:00: Dinner

Rest time in the traditional house or walking around the community


Day 3

6:00: Breakfast

7:00: Leave the communities (depending of the tide)

10:00: Arrive in Puerto Quimba

12:00: Lunch

15:00: Arrive in Cartí Port and transfer back to Panama City