This is a first level certification – especially for vacationers who are short on time and want to become a certified diver.

You need less time than the PADI Open Water Diver course, and results in a limited certification. It covers the first 3 sections of knowledge development (instead of 5), the first 3 pool sessions (instead of 5) and the first 2 open water training dives (instead of 4). An extra dive is built in for the fun of diving.

Consider this course if you expect to go scuba diving primarily in the company of a dive guide (which is recommended and typical for novice divers) or if you have limited time to devote to scuba certification.


First you'll need to do some academics – the most convenient way to do this is through e-learning. 

Go to www.padi.com and access the eLearning section. Sign up to do the bookwork and final exam online.Dive Adventures' store number is 15365. Book the rest of you course online.

The rest of the course consists of a morning in the pool where we'll go over the necessary skills. After that you only need to make the 2 Open Water Dives and then you're certified! We have included one extra dive for the fun or diving.