Have you completed all poolwork, theory, quizzes and final exam at home? Are you ready to dive and can't face the idea of a quarry or lake, with freezing temperatures and no visibility? Experience your Certification Dives in the turquoise Caribbean Sea.


Four dives are needed to complete the PADI Open Water Course. You can only select the referral dives provided you have completed all pool work and theory at home. The RDP Tables & Quizzes need to be completed as well along with the exam in either Metric or Imperial.  
You will complete the four open water dives which are needed for the PADI Open Water Course. 

Tuesday afternoon will cover skills on dives 1 & 2 in shallow water. Check in 1:15pm
Wednesday morning you will finish up by joining our double tank dive. Check in 8:15am

Please email us at info@stmaartendive.com if you require a different schedule. We can see what can be arranged.